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About Us

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'Namaa AlMarifah LLC.', known as SPROUT is summarized as a center for the education and skill acquisition for healthcare professionals using online and offline modular learning. Named for what it represents, SPROUT will strive to nurture the seed of curiosity and ambition, a healthcare professional has, making it 'sprout' and grow to its fullest potential.

Our center has been audited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and given full accreditation to engage in all the following activities and modular teaching activities.

When enrolled in any of our modular courses, you will be given the time and freedom to tailor how you wish to learn by giving you options for offline courses at locations advertised at the time, to online recordings of lectures or even requesting to speak to one of the teaching staff in a tutorial session. By avoiding the pitfall of a standardized curriculum and teaching methods, we deliver memorable and pertinent information in healthcare and research for our valued learners.

To this end, we offer on-site training and innovative learning methods tailored to the individual. Our lecturers are all well-respected and competent professionals from a variety of specialties with expertise in curriculum design and delivery. All content is thoroughly checked and reviewed for errors and accuracy of information by experts in the field to ensure that all the information we divulge is correct and up to date.



Sprout will be the center that takes the seeds of your potential and makes them grow and bloom into a better workplace life and efficiency.



Our mission is to provide training and educational activities relevant to the scope of healthcare professionals through interactive, flexible, self- paced learning. We aim to increase knowledge, improve competence, enhance performance and engage healthcare industry in efforts to translate the knowledge into clinical practice.

Our core values from which all other aspects naturally stem are:

  • Diversity of offered subjects courses.
  • Ensuring the quality of all course content is above reproach.
  • Use of innovative learning techniques and methods for a tailored experience.

What we offer

  • Mandatory workshops and courses for health professionals.
  • Design and development of training courses and workshops for various healthcare organizations to train their employees.
  • Flexible offline and online certifications in healthcare.
  • Online/offline CME through lectures/webinars/classrooms.

Methodology and content

We offer training based on innovative learning management system tailored to individuals and organizations needs in healthcare industry. Our courses are designed for beginners and advanced learners that include a range of specialty and subspecialty topics.

Our trainers include trained faculty from various specialties with expertise in curriculum design and delivery. Content is designed by experts in the healthcare industry after a gap analysis between current practices and evidence-based medicine. Content management involves, rigorous multilevel evaluation by the expert faculty.

We aim to continuously improve our training methodology and includes various methods including lectures, webinars, online classroom, Case studies, Problem based learning, Simulation, interactive discussions forums and performance evaluations.



Our course topics vary widely, including but not limited to following:
  • Health and Safety
  • Nursing
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Laboratory Work and Safety
  • Healthcare Management Techniques
  • Health Insurance
  • Health Informatics
  • Risk management
  • Case studies, with open interactive forums for discussion
  • Simulation
  • Performance evaluations
  • Flexible offline and online certifications in various healthcare-related skills for employees