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Medical Terminology and Coding ICD 10 AM/ACHI

Medical coding is one of the most promising profession worldwide. In fact, it is now considered a highly sought profession, and the role of Coder is more important than ever. Medical coding involves reviewing, analysing, and translating medical information from a patient's medical record into alphanumeric / numerical codes, using a complex health classification system. The resulting data provides comprehensive information that is used to fund health programs and improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare.

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Medical Terminology and Coding ICD 10 AM/ACHI

Learning Outcomes.

1. To divide medical terms into component parts.

2. To analyze, pronounce and spell medical terms using common combining form, suffix and prefix.

3. Define terms that apply to the structural organization of the body.

4. Identify the body cavities and recognize the organs contained within those cavities.

5. Locate and identify the anatomical and clinical divisions of the abdomen.

6. Use correct ACHI and supply coding and documentation practices.

7. Use and application of the Australian Coding Standards (ACS).

8. Knowledge of the coding and grouping software and how they can be used.

Learning Objectives.

Medical Terminology

a. Digestive System

b. Urinary System

c. Female Reproductive System

d. Obstetrics & Neonatology

e. Nervous System

f. Blood & Circulatory System

g. Eye & Ear System.

h. Skin & Subcutaneous Tissue, Musculoskeletal System & Connective Tissue.

i. Respiratory System

j. Endocrine System.

k. Mental & Behavioural Disorders.

l. Mental & Behavioural Disorders.

m. Understanding medical terms in their proper context, such as medical record & reports.

ICD10 AM ACHI ACS 10th Edition

1. Introduction to Clinical Coding.

2. Description of the Australian coding Standards for the Diagnosis Procedures.

a. coding Neoplasms, Blood, and Mental Disorder.

b. coding Nervous System, Eye & Ear diseases & Endocrine.

c. coding Respiratory, digestive & Circulatory disease.

d. coding Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue, Musculoskeletal system and connective Tissue, disease of the Genitourinary system.

e. coding injuries and cause of injuries, poisoning and cases of poisoning.

3. Practicing Australian coding standards in summarised cases.

4. Practicing Australian coding standards in Discharge summaries and Operative Reports

Fee and Registration Details

3000 SAR per person

Venue: Online


Course I: 8:00-10:00pm on Every Sunday & Tuesday (13 April 2021 to 04 May 2021)

Course II: 6.30-8.30pm on Every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday (23 May 2021 to 22 June 2021)

Target Audience:

All healthcare professionals


Zainab Mohammed Alswaimil

Health information Management and technology

Master Candidate in Executive Health Administration

Bachelor’s degree in health information technology 2003-2007

Certified clinical coder ICD 10 AM by HIMAA. 2009-2015

Certified Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist

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